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Ford S-Max 2.5L Turbo Flywheel bolt torque setting?


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Hi There,

I've just had the gearbox out of a ford smax 56 plate 6 speed 2.5l petrol. I have to add on the floor :-( . It has a volvo box in it. The duel mass was nackered so new bolts etc etc. Anyway i really need to torque settings for the flywheel as i have to finish the job tomorrow (Sunday). Any help would be much appreciated as the flywheel was the last thing i thought about when i have to lift 70 odd kilos on my back. Whoever answers first i have a spare set of short 3/8 snap on sockets missing 1 or 2 i think i will send these to you as i am really desperate.


This Needs to be answered by 10am (sunday) London GMT time to recieve free sockets is also listed on passion ford so first person gets it! sockets worth bout £75 so help me!!!!

Thanks whoever may help


Stuart Murray


SM Transmissions

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