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Claying your car


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I want to clay my escort in new year but which one is the best type of clay to use, also as I want lime prime it as well do I clay it first or use lime prime then clay it ( as have never clayed it before ) wanted to know which way round to do any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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clay first - you can use either water or a quick detailer as a lube. if you've bought the megs kit from halfords then it gives you clay and quick detailer. if not then elite car care and i4detailing do some really good own branded fine clay which i really get on well with.


then do the lime prime. finish off with a decent wax. if you're getting your stuff from halfords then the megs #16 comes recomended or if online why not spend a penny and get some dodo juice!


Lime prime????


I use the meguirs one and happy with it :thumb:


its a paint cleanser with abbrasives so can remove minor swirls at the same time as cleansing the paint. its for use by hand or machine but ive read a couple of good threads where people use it with a machine instead of a polish and they've got some really good results from it.

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