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xbox live... coupla questions...


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hiya guys.. we just recentley bought the slimline xbox with kinect for the kids...

but all our save games and profiles are on the old elite 360..

my question is.. is it possible to swap the profiles from the elite to the slimline??

is it do-able without xbox live?? (as i cancelled my live connection ages ago as it wasnt gettin used)

the slimline xbox has picked up and been connected to my wireless modem..

am i able to do it throught the modem or not???


many thanks for any help ;) :cheers:

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Not sure about your save games though, it may give you an option to transfer or you may need to transfer via mem card/usb stick?

Im no xbox live expert, do you still have the old xbox & drive containing your saves?



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Insert the Memory Unit and go into the Xbox Dashboard

In The Xbox Dashboard move to the blade furthest to the right

Select: Memory --> Hard Drive --> Games --> The profile with the game save you want --> The game --> The game save --> COPY

Repeat the last step for each save game you'd like to copy

Remove the memory card

Select: Memory --> Hard Drive --> Gamer Profiles --> The profile(s) the game save(s) came from --> DELETE

log out of all profiles. log into the profile you'd like to move the save games to

Insert the Memory Unit back into the console

Select: Memory --> Memory Unit with the save games --> Select "Unrecognized Profile" --> Select the Game for the save game you want --> Select the Game Save you want --> COPY --> Select the Hard Drive

Repeat the last step for each save game you'd like to copy

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