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Order problems.


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Been a lot of these about eBay etc. I have a Facebook one atm.


Basically, i needed a hose adapter to fit a fan switch into my cooling system. There was this company on Facebook called "Spencer Ashley LTD" They made exhausts and all different various bits, so i paid for them to make me an adapter on the 13th February, through Paypal, i paid the fee, but for some reason i remember my Mum clicking "Gift" because i haven't used Paypal to pay for something other than eBay so mum was showing me what to do. I asked if she'd gifted it, but she says no. Anyway back to the problem. I haven't recieved anything and i can't get a reply out of him. I PM'd him and asked if he could post to my new address. No reply. I enquired about a manifold. No reply. I asked a couple of days ago if there was an update on it. No reply. He's been on Facebook and he's been adding bits and bobs too his page, but he wont reply to me and tbh, i'm getting pissed off because i want to finish off the cooling system on mine.


Before going through Paypal, should i post on his Facebook Page (as i've been PM'ing him directly) and ask whats the latest? I mean, i don't want to upset his business if there is a genuine explanation for it, but i can't see what it'd be?

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If your not friends with him then your messages are probably going to his "other" folder most people don't even check this folder on there facebook.

Yeah, I am friends with him.


Yeah you have been mugged off.


Stick to print outs lol

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