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15% Off Engine Oils @ Opie Oils - Limited Time Only. Use Voucher Code: ENGINEOIL




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With your car, there are two choices of what to fill your gearbox with.


The first way is to use an oil specifically aimed at the gearbox, which needs a manual transmission fluid.


I would go with the Redline MTL, Amsoil MTF or Fuchs Sintofluid.




The problem is that the MTFs aren't designed for LSDs and the oil will breakdown at a quicker rate than normal, but the gear changes will be nice and easy.


The second way is to use the Fuchs Syn 5, Millers CRX LS or Motul Gear 300LS.




They are ideal for use with gearboxes and LSDs, but are a bit too thick for your gearbox, making the changes a bit harder. It will last longer than the MTFs though.





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