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doors jamming locked


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right locked my mk6 from the drivers door, it didnt make the ormal locking noise so i pulled the handle to check and then it made the locking noise as if locking all the doors.......but it wont unlock again, i put the key in and turn, it makes a noise as if its trying to unlock but it wont. i can access the car through the boot but pulling on the door handles still doesnt open the car, this happened before while at the garage for some work i was having done but they managed to open it easily apparently


when i put the key in the ignition after accessing from the boot, the alarm goes off and obviously i cant stop it because i cant lock or unlock the door, the car will however start and run and all electrics run as they should.....apart from i can get out of the car because the doors are locked.


ill take it back to the garage and ask them to unlock it again for me but i was just wondering if you guys had any ideas?





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