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Probably one for Andy


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Found some dreaded tin worm on my latest project, Really don't want to have to scrap it


Car is going to be needing to be done right at least:-


2 new front wings

passengers front floor plated (solid around the rot)

2 new Full sills (not skins)

defiantly 1 but be as well doing 2 new rear chassis legs (believe mark 5 ones fit) can get them for about £70 a side


any idea on what labour time would be involved approximately on this, looking for a very ball park figure as you know with cars more damage can be found when working on it


But for the above... if its as straight forward as that what sort of labour times/cost would be involved. I'm thinking way over a grand but I'm no body expert and hope ill be surprised lol. Really want to save the old girl but it all boils down to coin ultimately lol :roll:

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If that's what you see without further inspection is it really worth having it all done?

Genuine cost effective question.


Question im still asking myself, tempted to give it all a go myself, can weld okay, might try one of the sills first and see how i get on seeing as they are only £20 each


Might take time but Rome wasn't built in a day

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Have you had the car on a ramp to inspect it underneath mate, I'd also just check

The Inner sills just to make sure. Your right with the estimation on price it would be around a grand for all that work, and it might be advisable to have the colour blended into the doors and bonnet. I know it's radiant red but the car probably would have been done in a 2k solid colour (meaning no clear coat) which does have a tendency to fade.


As for welding I take it you would be mig welding it. I'd so it's fairly simple as long as the metal is very clean, the cleaner the better the welding will be. It may be advisable to use a weld through/zinc primer on the baremetal to be welded, that way at least you know the metal has a coating over it not left baremetal. If your having full sills put on and the side skirts put back on, id have them stone chipped for extra protection, but make sure that after everything is well waxoyled to help protect it.


I know what you mean about not wanting to break the car. I'm the same with mine even tho it's only a finesse I don't for see me selling it. I'll do what ever it takes to keep it on the road. Depends really want you want out of the car mate. Wether you want to get it looking nice and enjoy driving it or take the other route and try make some money by breaking it. Be a shame to see another escort be broke.

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I realise its only a GTI, would just feel bad sticking it the the scrapper. Too many end up like that lol :P

Going to try and do all the work myself anyway so costs shouldn't be bankrupting (i hope)


The only thing that really concerns me is the rear chassis legs, Im guessing it'll just be a case of spot being spot welded in? so drill the old welds out, off with the leg. Clean up and treat the area in question and then puddle welds to weld the new legs on?

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the chassis legs just some folded plate, get some thicker metal and make your own. thats what my fabricator did on mine. If you can get the car stripped to a shell and on a spit this shouldn't be too hard, but its time and space and that fact it'll probably take you quite a long time to get it all done. then painting costs.
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