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My history of escorts

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My first car that was mine came quite late in my life I guess, dad bought it for me for graduating when I was 21, before that when I needed it I drove either my dads company car or mums 1.4 LX MK6 Escort.


Anyway so an X reg MK6




Did a few mods but ended up losing momentum when I lost my job twice in the space of 3 months, then a got a new job and a year later a promotion so I bought Escort Ross' MK6 off him to finish and as we all know that went wrong, then right, then wrong again and so on. My black escort is now owned by my mate down the road and we have nearly finished the 2.0 conversion i'd always planned for it......it always had to go in the end, it was a 5 door.


Anyways, my current motor and many of you are probably familiar with now.




Which currently is all good.

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