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Changing hard drives


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I currently still have my 20GB launch console, which as you can imagine is pretty small for the things you can do with them now, well basically ive had a bit of a deal today and picked up another Xbox with a 60gb hard drive, its the same style with the clip on hard drive, i know its not as big as the new Xbox's but for the money i paid i cant go wrong, i was just wondering how i go about swapping all my saves and game information from my old 20gb hard drive to the new 60gb hard drive?


wondered if there was a way to do it with the new cloud or whatever its called or if i need to buy a cable to do it?


thanks for any help.

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Changing HDD is the same procedure as changing console.


If the files are smallish... You can just use a USB Pen. Transfer content to USB pen, insert new HDD and transfer content back to new HDD.


Or if you have rubbish loads of downloads... just buy a transfer cable. Unofficial ones go for pennies on eBay.

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