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Not yet finished, having done any mixing or anything just yet but I wanted to know what you guys thought. I feel that it's missing something, maybe some drive or punch.


If you're into EDM, like trance or house music, have a listen and let me know what you think..



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Cubase, FL studio...


Nexus 2, vanguard, sylenth, massive, z3ta+, FM8. The usual stuff really, along with a shed load of wave samples.


I use an Alesis Q49 midi controller. Still in the process of completing my setup. I'm after some Alesis M1Active 320's

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Nice setup, have you considered Ableton Live?

Ableton Live is great for getting ideas down, prefer Cubase for the mixdown though.

I love the Nexus 2, I have sylenth but not used it much.

Have you tried Gladiator 2 it's great for a powerful dance/club sound.

I like Reason too but rewired into Cubase for more control.


Never been a fan of FL studio though.


On the hardware side if your in the market for a neat controller I can recommend Novations Nocturn for some hands on filtering technique.


By the way, trust me, you will never "complete" your setup, you will always find some more must have software or hardware.

Let me know if you need any advice.

I'm also a trained studio engineer.


On the small monitor side you might prefer paying just a bit more for these




Remember to carefully position these to get the best results, also consider at least two lcd monitors for flexibility.

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Don't think my graphics card supports dual screens. I don't mind too much though I have a 23" screen and it works ok.


I like M1Active 320's because they are USB, and they have a built-in sound-card. The 520's are nice but for half the price, in a bedroom setup the 320's work just as great.


FL Studio is great for dance music production because it's more friendly on the loop and pattern side of things. I've used cubase for years but only for live instrument recordings when doing rock music and vocals.

I still use cubase for my film/game score compositions, or smaller pieces with just piano and a couple of instruments such as this one:



I did some studio training at college whilst on a music course doing FD and ND levels 1 and 2, I got a fairly good idea of mixing but you can't always get the best mixes from a bedroom :)

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Trying to find what you think is missing...


The start feels very empty (although ideal for DJs) and the track feels like it could go well with a full vocal set over the top after bringing the melody down slightly.


Other than that, it feels like a house beat trance tune with a sprinkle of 90s dance melody in the chorus... Very listenable (yes I know that's not a word...). :thumb:

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