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Mk6 Rear Brakes fit Mk5?


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Hi guys, new to the forums.. desperately need a solution to something! Hope it's just a simple one!


I was wondering if Mk5 and Mk6 Escort components are completely compatible?


I need to fit a Mk6 rear axle and disks to a Mk5 XR3i (1992).. Is this possible? and would there be any problems fitting hand brake cables?


Cheers in advance!

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the only difference is the hand brake cable where it mounts to the car underneath, if your car has disks already then the flexi pipes and cable will be fine, if not then the longer ones off the disk brake car will be needed and the correct cable for the year of your car


the disk brake rear axle on my mk6 came off a mk5b all i swapped was the flexi pipes and cable for the right mk6 ones


i have a rear disk beam off a mk5b if you want one

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