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rs 2000 '92 mk 5a - [No Price]


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Hi I am very reluctantly looking to sell my beloved RS2000, K plate, polaris grey


I saved her last year, and put her on the road around 6 months ago, Ive been driving it and no problems at all ,aside from strut brace crushing my control unit lol


I'm going to put pics up, and the car is standard, bar koni suspension, molded front bumper, and de-cat exhaust.


wheels need a buff and i've counted 5 small spots of rust (all in pics), little dent on passenger front wing and spoiler has collapsed.


I love this car and mechanically its really sound, the exhaust is a tad gravelly for my liking though.


Last MOT had all the undersills professionally welded.


viewings welcome :)

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1) Please make sure your advert contains all the relevant information. Price and location are essential, without these, your For Sale thread will be closed.

When you are ready to include the correct details, please send me a message and I will re open your for sale topic.

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