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3 spoke rs leather steering wheel - [No Location]


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Right hello again as I have decided to break my rs2000 up as it failed the mot I have also decidedto sell on all my bits and bobs I have gathered over the years

This one is for a leather 3 spoke rs steering wheel it came with my old rs1600i when I bought it years ago

This has been in storage for about 15 years this has been stored in my parents attic. It has been stored in a black bin bag but it is in very good condition.

I have no idea on what this is worth but I'm going to ask £60 for it.

If this is too much please let me know.


I also have the same kind of wheel in a 4 spoke again I would like £60 for it

But I will put a different add on for that


If you would like it posting the cost will be £70 posted

I am working away until Friday morning so it will be posted Friday afternoon



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1) Please make sure your advert contains all the relevant information. Price and location are essential, without these, your For Sale thread will be closed.

When you are ready to include your location, please send me a message and I will re open your for sale topic, you can either amend the first post to include a location, or add your location to your profile.

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