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Right guys i have a question....


I bought this car as a stop gap till my licence was clean (soon) when i was going to be getting something with real power eg impreza type r/ evo/ skyline etc etc, But i have taken a real liking to my new cabriolet and plan on keeping it long term now, my question is tuning wise what would be best and more importantly cost effective, obviously i am not expecting the power of those cars but would like more oomph, turbo conversion? engine swap? throttle bodies ? been out of the "boy racer"/tuning scene for a fair few years now and lost alot of the knowledge i built up :(


I want suggestions on biggish power options and rough costs if possible


Ps i will be doing the usual mods like exhaust, filter, cams, chip, brakes, blah blah blah


Exhaust question.....Is it worth going for a FULL system + manifold (on standard 1.8 without BIG power options)? will it make much of a noticeable difference to a cat back system or even just a back box? i see Ashley do the full system + manifold for around £400 or maybe powerflow and just get one made.


Er yea thats about it for now tnx in advance :)

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