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my small collection.


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15/16yrs old i started off with a mk2 astra, like this but without the alloys



got the vauxhall bug so i got given a mk1 nova. was going to buy it but some thick twocer tried to steal it and failed so i got it for free.

same as this but with astra gte alloys



got bored of being in a poverty spec car so bought my sisters mk5b lx. kept it for 6 months or so and decided to buy an astravan for work and sell the escort.


2004 i missed the escort so much i went out and bought another. cat d write off supllied with everything i needed bar the slam panel.


ended up like this.



wheres the power??? bought a 1.8si off brothers mate to satisfy me



got bored of the 1.8 and transplanted a 2l. spent alot of time and money and was by far the best handling 2wd car ive had. i did all the work myself including the engine swap and painting. learnt alot and made very little mistakes thanks to this site. 2l zetec and tb, 1.8 ecu and maf




sold the mk6, bought a project. was mint on the outside, just a shame it needed to much for me to do underneith.



replaced the astravan with this.



bought this. mmm v6 goodness, can see dads van in their too.



sold escortvan, bought a transit



sold the mondeo and bought ricks old 2l escort. full electric inside complete 2l transplant



this came up forsale, insurance was under a grand so i just had o have it.


whats that i spy! est 280-300hp and the only car i regret selling but couldnt get insurance for under two grand second time round. still it gave me a years worth of fun.




bought an early mk2 golf gti 8v. the ones where they used the same style doors as the mk1 golf.



dub scene didnt suit me so i went for a nice modern mg!



as the mg was so well behaved and reliable i needed a second car so bought another mg, zs this time. never let me down in the 18 months i had it, comuting 70 miles a day 5 days one week 6 days next.



bought a bike to play with and company i was working for went tits up thanks to the irish inland revenue so decided to do the sensible thing and sell the cars and keep the bike :pancake: 160 miles to a full tank ( £18 ish ) under 150 fully comp and 140 - 150 at a push



trying to commute in the snow we had last year made me think i needed another car so bought this for cheap due to dented bodywork.



fitted 205 gti alloys and bought another doner car for body panels, magnex exhaust and lowered sus. allso sold the blue bike and bought a silver one!





im in the middle of upgrading the front calipers and hel braided lines. i dont think i'll ever stop modding.


and there we have it. my ten years or so of history. going to keep with 2 wheels now and if all goes to plan will have another escort van instead of the saxo.

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