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Inertia Switch Location - Escort 1998 1.6 16v L1H

Bakhus G Mps

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Hello, can anyone please help me find this?


My Escort died while driving last evening, had to tow it home, I'm at work right now but trying to gather some info to try when I get home this evening, before taking it to the service. Engine simply shut of while the car was moving, would not start again. Engine turns, battery is fine, but I cant hear the little buzz coming from behind my car when putting the keys in the ignition, my guess is that was the gas pump wich afaik is located inside the fuel tank.


Are there any other easy things I can try?

Does it have a fuse/relay I can check?

Where is this located? (my guess is in the engine compartment since I checked all interior fuses and they are ok)

How do I check the relay?


All help appreciated! TIA 

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The inertia switch is located behind the trim panel by the A pillar in the passenger footwell.  If it depressed in the pump with not function but I can see how it would have activated in driving conditions.


The fuel pump relay is located in the central fusebox, you will probably have to take to fusebox out completely yo get to the relays.


Found this video the other week which is a good guide to testing a relay properly.


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Got home, found the inertia switch and it was pressed, took it out anyway to check it out and it only had 2 wires, third one was missing, probably was taken out on a previous accident or something.

One of the 2 wires left was broken, I took out the other one and connected them directly, and the car started,

New problem now: the srs and abs lights in the dashboard don't go off. Guessing some error in the ECU. Any advice? Can I reset the ECU? Why would those 2 stay lit?

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Awesome idea with the fuses! My dad checked all of them yesterday while I was at work, and he might have put them back in the wrong places.

Now, I'm not really sure that happened or it was just a coincidence, but I had 3 open fuse slots, filled them all with fuses and low and behold the warning lights are off! I'm fairly sure that nothing can go wrong with fuses in ex-empty slots so hope that wont be a problem.


Long story short, everything is working now, thanks Mex for the help, you saved me ALOT of trouble and some money aswell. Hope this comes back to you when you need it and you have a beautiful end of the year!


PS: If anyone googles this, the exact place for the Inertia switch is on the left foot side of the driver's side,in the pillar there close to the down corner, next to the door, there is a small plastic cover around 2cm by 3cm, this is for the Ford Escort 1998 L1H Zetec 1.6 16 valve model!

Tried to edit, but I don't have permission, also an important thing: the normal state of the red button is pushed down, that it's his working condition. To make sure it works, tap it a bit till it jumps up, then press it back in.

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