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Changing mk5 to mk6 Clutch pedal

Escort Si-130

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I got fedup with the feel of the mk5 clutch pedal. It is bad enough driving a car without a hydraulic clutch. Sometimes, the nature of the mk5 auto adjusting ratchet system can make pushing the clutch pedal hard at times, especially after repeated use or engine has warmed up.


I bought the clutch pedal from Burton Power who have them in stock, it is genuine Ford mk6 item. Part number  1029012 costs £32

If you can remove the whole pedal box it would be easier, I couldn't be bothered so did it via just unbolting the steering rack clamp (10mm bolt) and dashboard lower cover and taking the footwell lamp bulb to use as a torch. I did not remove the seat as some may do, I just lined up old sofa cushions and lay them outside the car with the door wide open.


I did experiment once the new pedal was on with different arrangements using the original clutch cable and a shorter one. Also used the black original mk5 quadrant and the newer improved angle white quadrant. Although with every other method, it ended up with the clutch pedal sitting to high. I had to cut 10 teeth of the ratchet to get a decent pedal position. Also don't forget to remember the setup of where the yellow plastic spring washers go right of the clutch pedal and left of the brake pedal, onto the pivot shaft.


Only part I am missing is the spring part number 7333648 which retails from Ford for £7.58 ex VAT I am not too sure where it attaches on the pedal system for the mk6. I guess it stops the pedal from being lifted upwards. As this is the only thing different now that I have upgraded to mk6.


The mk5 Pedal setup

Brand new mk6 pedal

A second spare mk5 pedalbox unit with black ratchet

mk5 pedal removed from car with white replacement ratchet

New pedal fitted onto assembly test fitting, didn't put back all washers yet though.

Clutch cable removed from gearbox clutch arm

Old mk5 clutch ratchet and auto adjusting pawl system

Both pedal ratchet quadrant designs. Still have the spring attached that was used in the mk5 pedal setup.

white quadrant where I count 10 teeth and draw a line where I would cut it with the saw

showing the ratchet quadrant cut ready to fit

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