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Green Stuff!


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depends what u class as heavily, most pads will suffer under very heavy breaking, unless u go for big brake conversion

I give mine a lot of stick, just they arent as reliable as my old pads and i have a full rs2k setup and it does stop well just after a few heavy braking from 50,etc they just dont seem as reliable, anyway i dont like them so theyre coming off.

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Green stuff pads are shite. The only pads worth using are Ferodo DS2000/2500's. Trust me on this advice :)


Also.. drilled/grooved discs are a total waste of time, and will do nothing for your braking other than cause excessive pad wear, noise and cracked discs. If you want better brakes, upgrade to something larger, like ST170 or Mondeo v6 brakes. Its cheaper (and safer) in the long-run.

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lol .

I saw the thred title and said to my self.

err I think i will have to point them in the direction of the

ds 2000 or 2500 pads but saqmaster is way ahead of me.


TOP PADS!!!!!!!!


We used some of the ds2500's on skyline r33.


We set them on fire. well lots of smoke!

and not one bit of fade! :D :D

We boiled the 5.1 brake fluid first. lol


I is gona get some on me slow escort soon.

prob the ds2000's


there are ds 3000's but they are more like full race pads.

Thay need to get quite hot b4 they work well.

so the 3000's are no good for road use.


hope this helps.

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