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What exhaust do you recommend...


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I have to get a new back box for my 1.8 MK6, what would you recommend? I want something that looks real nice, and sounds good. I don't want something thats as noisy as fcuk!! Been looking at a magnex full stainless system, but really right now cash is not allowing.. Was thinking of trying one of their universal stainless back boxes... anyone using one of them, would love to hear what you think... Or if you could recommend something else...

Problem is you only know what they like after parting with ya cash...

What ya think?? Any suggestions??


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I've got the full Magnex cat back system. I think its great, noticed an increase in power, and it’s not to noisy just gives off a nice purr. I got the 4 inch tailpipe on mine which suits the style of my car nicely. When I got the car it had a Peco big bore 4 on it. I didn't like it, wouldn't recommend it to anyone! :thumb:
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i have a full POWERFLOW cat-back system, i think they are pretty kool didnt notice any power increase more down to avin 17s on it though. i have a 4.5inch tailpipe and fits nicely into the st24 rear bumper. for £225 quid i could choose any tailpipe i wanted and any sound i wanted pretty sweet!
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