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My new Motor


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Well after i blew up the Pug i had to buy an escort, So bought a 1.8 Engined Mk6 Mexico (yes i know they are 1.6 as standard ;) )


Think ive had it about 2 weeks now, maybe less. Already replaced Power steering Rack, as well as a full suspension overhaul, Wishbones, Bushes, ARB links etc regardless of need.


Anyway heres some pics...........






So far Fitted an Si interior, Colourcoded the rear bumper, Alloys off my old car.


Got a few plans for it but im going to keep it secret........................lol


No seriously, Ive got the front bumper in the sprayshop, The GTi Skirts/Spats have been sprayed, im fitting them tomorrow.


Got a few other bits about, 130ps 1.8 Motor + Loom, ecu etc, dunno how easy the swap will be, gonna have to look into it. Got ANOTHER RS2000 front brake setup for this one as well as a rear beam which was destined for my old one but the handbrake shoes were knackered and there stupidly expensive from ford.


In terms of styling of the exterior im not touching it as i think the escort looks fairly good in the GTi type form. Got some Ford logo's made up that im gonig to give a try right over each side of the car going diagonally up from the front wing to the top of the hatch, If it looks crap ill just get rid of it.


Probs update this in a few days once ive fitted a few more of the bits.......

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Dunno why they badged it as a mexico, if it had the GTi kit and a 130ps engine it might be worthy of the Mexico badge lol.

was just a marketing thing to co-incide with the "anniversary" of the original Mexico, i'm sure you'll make it really worthy of the badge tho, plans sound class! 8)



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