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Missed me?


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Hey long time no write


Just incase anyone has wondered where ive been well ive been restoring a genuine FORD GT40


well tbh ive only just started and she has a long list of jobs to keep me occupied


but im sure i can keep you all posted with pictures and reports


No doubt she will be showed when she is finished







If anyones wondering which model it is then she is the short tailed racing version with one carb per cylinder as u can see estimated at just under 400bhp and 360lfbt of torque with very very little miles on the clock


What ya reckon?

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Top Posters In This Topic

Doesnt look in all that bad condition to be honest. Where did ya find it????

My mums hairdresser of all people.... 8o


its in a bad way really the carbs are knackered and the rear axle needs alot of work


she has been sitting over ten years


totally unique number plate eh! :O

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