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Anyone got a LIVESTRONG yellow band? Im trying to find some, they are all on back order on websites, just cos celebrities and posh twats are wearing em for fashion accesories :rolleyes: .


Anyone live near a NIKETOWN shop? These have em in, there only a quid and all money goes to Lance Armstrong (legend in my eyes) Foundation for cancer.


If anyone can get hold of some, buy one, and i will happily give you the money back and more.


More info here Wear Yellow

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Seems to be a Yank thing ?( If people are looking to do something for a good cause then most can do it locally. I lost my Mother in law to this terrible disease and its the worst thing I've ever seen. I have a house clean out now and again and donate the things to the local cancer research shop so they can make money that way. Last time we gave Clothes, soft toys, cd's, videos, brand new crystal glasses etc etc etc. Most people have this kinda thing lying about the house doing nothing but eventually landing in the bin, while its in good nick hand it in and its a job well done.


If I see any of the yellows I'll be sure to let you know thats was just another suggestion for you. I would be very warey about buyin em from eBay cos without a doubt there is shitty people out there that will buy these for $1 and sell them on for a profit :(

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I saw them on ebay and was totally disgusted, they ought to be banned.


Ric, I agree, ive lost 4 members from it now :( .


I want one of the bands cos Lance is one of my heroes mate, i knew about him before he made it big, cos me dad is a big cyclist, and what he has done is amazing!

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