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well, its about time i took the plunge and actually said hi, instead of lurking around being a nuisance.. :))



i'm frew, and i've got a mk5, which i bought from some bloke down the road after a stationery corsa drove its side into my fiesta ;)



anywho, its 1.6i and its red!



i live in aberdeen.



so hi :)

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just had to pay for my insurance, and a new petrol tank, so i'm kinda broke... but looking for some 15" alloys just to improve it a bit.


and red bumpers.


and sideskirts.


and tinted rear lights.


and angel eyes.


and them ace seats which hug your ass.


and a new exhaust.


and a meshed grille.




so no, no plans at all :D

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Hi n' Wlecome to EVO :thumb:


sounds like its a good base - any pics ?( :thumb:

the car is in the garage (need to get a lift over from my mum.. my parents and all my mates are at college/work, and i work nights, so i'm sitting at home with no transport!) so no piccys as yet.



i have got rid of the bumpstrips and the ESCORT LX badge, and the 16v badge was already taken off (kept the ford badge on.. too much glue left on the bodywork if i take it off). and i got some red seat covers off a guy in the pub (seriously! just walks up and says "you wanna buy some seat covers?"), and they're pretty swish.



i shall get some pics when i get the wheels back, although its not much to look at ;(

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