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Ok, so my car decides it dont wanna start sometimes, the garage comes out, and find that sparks are fine, battery's fine, petrol is getting to the injector, single point.


So they change the injector, and now it starts, but............ there is a massive loss of power, mainly in the lower revs (1-2500) it just doesn't wanna go, the guy at the garage says he has tried absolutely everything, the fuel pressure is fine (16 psi), tried other MAP sensors, and a whole lot more that my brain didn't understand, has this happened to anyone before? Everything else runs fine, just a real bugger to get to 3000rpm.


Please help!



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right its singale point injection so it in the carb housing as you look do the carb housing its on the back wall ie the wall tawords the dash and it looks like a little cage with a little neddle pionting out of it you need a ajustable spanner because i cant remeber what size it is just take it out and clean it with petrol or some solvent cleaner if you still puzzeled take a pic of your engine from the top with the air filter off and ill point it out on that for you
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