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How much work is it to get a zetec engine out


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there is a mondeo that was in an accident with itself never done any damage to anything except a tree, and was sat on the dual carriageway layby for at least 3 weeks, it has now been towed 2miles down a back road, has been THERE for a week and shows no sign of moving.



what are the important bits i need to do to get it out in a hurry? e.g. cutting/ripping off the hoses and connections and stuff.

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if it was me, i'd go down with a trailer and take it and hide it in a garage somewhere. pinch the engine then put it back :)


I don't know what you'd all need but if you got the main engine block and gearbox, and maybe the radiator, any other parts you need could be sourced from a scrapyard cheap enough.



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no numberplates on it, no tax disk no identifying numbers anywhere.

when i first saw the car i thought it had been nicked, but...

my theory on things like that is if you nick a car it aint yours in the first place so why bother taking the number plates off, but......


if you wanna DUMP your won car then take the plates off so it cant come back to you.


and the idea is to tow it away as i cant get hold of a trailer.


there is a barn just up the road from where it is thats owned by a m8 of mine so....... :thumb:

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I think to be safe, go to the police station and enquire about that particular car.


Thats just what I would do. :thumb:



na, then if anything happens to it they'l think it's him, even if it wernt! Tow it away somewhere! Sit on it for a week or so, if you hear or see nuffin, then get to work then i say! :thumb:

police know me round here so thats what im thinkin of doing allthough we did think of the fact that if anything happens to it it'll come back to me, but as said the police know me so will be fine.

its just that theres been loads of ppl snooping around it - so i wanna know for sure. where i stand.


what happens when the council/police stick an orange sticker on it, am i within my rights to "remove" bits from it then??

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