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Bah, just quoted with Performance Direct - and deliberately didn't mention club membership for the discount until after they'd initially quoted. Bugger then came back and said "That XX% discount is already included in the price." I asked how, when I hadn't mentioned it until that point, but all I got was "That's what I was told to say sir."




All very well them claiming to give discount to us as a club - except that it turns out it's a pile of poo :kill:

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Same as Adrian Flux TPFT, but both quoted for same underwriter anyhow - I'll tell everyone my rough details so they can suggest anyone cheaper?!



21 (22 in Dec.) years, held driving licence 4-5 years, 1 Yr NCB, 1x SP 30 in 2002 (usual Gatso £60/3pts)


EX8 postcode (Category B postcode, almost lowest there is), kept on drive at night, >10,000k annual, one place of work commuting...


CAR: Escort P 1996 manu, FREEDOM 1.4 PTE 5dr Hatch-


modifications declared: £150 Headunit, alloy wheels, sideskirts, powerflow exhaust. Toad Sterling Pro A101CL Alarm, locking wheel nuts & steering wheel lock on at night.



Both Adrian Flux and Performance Direct have just quoted £450 TPFT with Hiway/Doric. Coincidentally, I'm already with them - but was about £568 last year. I'd have been happy with the 15% off that £450, but no dice :(

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As far as I remember, you forfeit your own right to cover - but the company cannot widthdraw 3rd Party cover.

so its just as if you were on 3rd party cover? can anyone confirm this? i don't wanna call up my insurance company and ask ;)


i'm not bothered about mine getting nicked or burnt out.. i hardly park it outside my local area, and no ones gonna nab a mk5 escort with 100k on the clock!

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