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Toad A606i


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Still got it chaps. A few details


TOAD - AI606 Thatcham Category 1 alarm and immobilisation system. Features include bonnet, boot and door protection, central door locking, total close. Features: Ultra sonic interior sensor Ultrasonic override Immobiliser ( Double circuit) Anti-grab technology Intelligent passive arming Door / bonnet / boot protection Secure override. Central door locking control Total closure Hazard light flash Arm/Disarm tomes Status Flashing LED Self powered siren (Battery backup continue even if intruder cuts all the cables) Additional outputs, 95/56 EC Directive e-mark, CAT 1 Thatcham Approved INFORMATION ON THE Ai606 - Anti hijack - when you start your car and close the door the unit will automatically lock all the doors to prevent a would be car jacker opening the door at traffic lights and heading off into the night with your pride and joy. Remote central locking. Total Closure - If your car has electric windows you can have them automatically close themselves when you arm the alarm system. Panic alarm - If someone is coming after you just hold down one of the buttons on the key fob as you approach your car and the alarm will go off but you will still be able to get into the vehicle and drive away with the alarm sounding to alert people around you. Pet mode / convertible mode - If you are leaving the top down or have a pet in the car you can disable the ultrasonic detectors so the alarm will not go off when something moves around inside the car. Valet mode - want to totally disarm the alarm unit? Well flick it into valet mode and you can safely give the car to a garage to work on without them having to phone up and ask how to turn off your alarm. Boot release / other features - You can rig up various other devices in your car to the alarm system and work them all from the key fob using a sequence of key presses. This could be a solenoid popper to open the boot when you return with shopping, or have the headlamps come on when you are approaching your car when it's parked in a dark area. Anything is possible here and is only limited by your own imagination.


(Don't worry I didn't type all that, cut and paste!)

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