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You'd think we'd be recognised with an OBE for services to Ford Motor Company in my household. I think we've done plenty advertising with their cars for it!! :D



My Escort 1.6 as you all know...




My mums 1.4 Encore, car I used to drive...




My brothers 97 R GTi Tis sad it's a bit of a state he loves his Suzuki GSX-R more...:(




My dad got this van on loan as his car (Peugeot - says it all!!) was away getting sorted :roll: :rolleyes:




My brothers new works van, shiny new 54 reg 500 miles on the clock..




His old works van, tis a bit of a state too!


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Wish I could afford it lol, in a way I don't wanna see mine go down hill if I gave it to him.


Also just had a thought there - my mums car hasn't been washed since I stopped driving it and that's been the good part of 2 months!! Although it certainly aint doing the miles it used to.

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