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MOT Tomorro


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Admins feel free to delete this after today but i need as many replys as possible and wont get many in the right section as here ....


MOT tomorro and gonna try and narrow the list of 1,001 problems down a bit


- How do i tightin up the handbreak ? is it a case of removin all the surround from the hand break and findin two screws and tighin them both up ? ?


- Is there any easy way of re-wirin my horn? the metal plate behind the steerin wheel which is needed i have lost somewhere after i had all those problems prevously wiv the steerin column


- Anythin else i should check on ? Eletric windows not workin thats not a fail is it ? and also a orrible crunchin noise when the cars cold everytime i change gear ( earbox ? ) would that fail ?


Got brand new tyres, brand new discs and pads because they all just been replaced so already its cost me damn near to the 300 mark !!


Thank you for this help, sorri if it seems rushed but i am in one :P


Harvez (King of leavin stuff to last minute)

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lol yea,


Good news to my already downward spirallin life. Took out air bag warnin night, first job down, had problems gettin dash off .... ah look dials filthy clean em, starts cleanin and gets a text, reads text, some how pulls the clothes cleanin wiv and snap - oh look my speed needle is now in my hand ........... FOR F**K SAKE !!!!!! As if i didnt have enough problem ive gone and created myself a new one !! plz speedo is stuck at 50mph permintly wit NO needle . Had enough of this,

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to adjust the handbrake you need to unclip the gover around the handle and just tighten up the nut, with the handbrke released of course. 3-6 clicks is the recommended limit :thumb:

Your speedo is a very big problem for the MOT, as for the horn you can wire it to a return switch temporarily mounted somewhere, it will pass with this method, Unsure about the speedo m8y, sorry :(

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LOL, that's just remined me of that song, "If I had a hammer"




now u might think this is a tad random, but i've wondered about this for a couple of years now....


he says that if he had a hammer, he'd hammer in the morning, and he'd hammer in the evening, all over this land.


Now i may be wrong, but i bet u a spade to a bucket of sh1t that if u gave this chap a hammer, fair do's, he may well hammer in the morning, but he'd soon be pretty fcuked off with hammering by the evening, and there's no way i could ever see him hammering all over the land :baby:


any road up, on an ever-so-slightly more sane note, glad things are starting to sort themselves out for ya, Gav :thumb:

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