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have a look at this plzzzz


which do you think looks best?  

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i don't like the ford badge but i don't know what to do about it cos of the oval behind it!!! 8o which one do you think looks better? i am debaiting whether to put the standard grill back in rather than having it meshed!! ;) doing my head in now so what do you all reckon?? X(






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Now if I weren't a FORD NUT I would say A- BUT cause I'm proud to own a Ford I would never take off my badge.


sos if sounds pants but as I said to my mate who has a zetec-s, and he to wanted to take his Ford badge off- be proud of what you drive and let people know that. (oh ye I said that with my hand on my heart.) :D

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non imo, get rid of that mesh u have now looks dirty and stone dinted and get some stainless steel st24 mesh form the mondeos or the MG mesh like my old grills


^Same as :thumb:


Although I like jackies mesh just as much as the ST stuff..... and at a fraction of the price, I will be unsing this next (if i can source it! X( :evil: :baby: ).


Also.... you only catch the larger bugs in the ST mesh :devil: :roll:

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