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New scooby dont


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A crash happened near louth yesterday, around 15 miles from Grimsby.

30y/o Carl Hallam was driving a white vauxhall combi van and it was in a head-on collision with a Subaru impreza WRX. Excuse the quality of the picture, it was scanned from the local paper. In the crash he ruptured his spleen. But the amazing thing is he got out of his van and pulled the woman driver from the Scooby and then proceeded to free a young girl whos legs were trapped in the rear of the scooby. There were 3 young girls in the scooby and the woman driver. All were fine although one had to have emergency treatment for biting there tongue. Immediately after the man had freed them and all had retreated, the van burst into flames. The man was later taken by air ambulance to hospital where he continues to receive treatment.

Now thats what i like to read.


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