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southend 16-10-04


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just like to say thanks for the dedicated few who took the trip ie silentstu,magicdragon,temper,ant and dpusey even though he nearly took out silentstus front end on m25 roundabout trying to fly round the corner a bit fast and managing to snake a fwd car.good to see scoobysteve again glad its all up and running again fella, :thumb: :thumb: Edited by B19 JUB
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yea it was good i over steared at the corner and the car went out of control :nutter: sorry to silentstu for almost crashing into him dont know what happened ;(


the night was good had to leave early because the girlfriend was bored :vangry: and ill so i had to take her home was on my way back up then the police pulled me over after want happened the other night who i was telling ant and his girlfriend about the police i thought i would keep my head clean so i went home . it sounded good latter on in the night shame i misted it

hope to see you ant the next one its the legal cruise ant it


ow and ant my name is darren lol :thumb:

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