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Teribus' Foci


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Hi Guys and Gals, Well, I finally got pics of my new car onto the computer. I did have a pic of the rear but for some reason, it won't save when i modify the pic (I have to resize them). So anyway, here it is.








All my cars have had a Mascot since i met my Fiancée. This mascot became known as Killer Kitty. In both my Fiesta and my Escort, he sat up on the dash, but he can't in the Focus because he keeps slipping off :( So here's his home in my Foci :)




So the car's nothing special at the moment. So far, all i've done to it is changed the number plates (for SCO plates) and added chrome number plate surrounds front & rear (I'd bought them for my Escort, though only had one on the front as the back one wouldn't fit!), and lastly a Hawick badge, as i'm proud of my town, even though it's a bit of a hole...


Anyway, there she is. Don't know if anyone will actually look at this or not, but i thought i'd post it anyway :)



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Hey guys, sorry for the slow reply here


Anyway, It probably will stay standard. Aside from some crystal style front indicators and side repeaters, and my MP3 player, the Focus stays as it is. I might add my own touch now and then, but basically, how you see it there is how it'll be when it goes.


It's gonna cost me £30 a time to do an oil change (£25 for oil and £5 for the filter), and doing that every 5,000 miles (which works out at every ten weeks the rate i'm going just now), and add on other servicing costs, I can't really afford to do it up. I've gotta pay for the damn thing for a start. Also, i'm trying to save up a deposit to buy a house in 18 months time or so, as well as buying new tools at work so i've got what i need (I'm also paying up £550 for the new toolbox i just bought!), the car is gonna have to take a back seat. I like it as it is anyway, I don't really wanna change anything other than maybe colour coding some things.


She's good though, she does 500 miles on a tank of diesel. That's not really me treating her nice either, she gets driven at 70 most of the time, and i'm known for dropping to 4th and taking her to 3,000 rpm when overtaking (which, for the Focus TDdi is quite a lot, really, seeing as 70 is barely over the 2,000 rpm mark in 5th gear). Sometimes i get her up to 4k. I'm not sure where the limiter is on the focus, i'm guessing around the 4-4.5k mark. But, yeah, she hardly uses the diesel returning 50mpg, more than the Escort ever did!



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