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escort/falcon project...


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I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while, a lot of diff things have been done to the styling of the mk6 escort, but non like this idea..


some will think this is a god awfull idea and some of you may like it!?


and if anyone can photoshop anything resembling this i'd be amazed!


I'm thinking beefing the mk6 up and updating her to compete with the modern lines such as the evo 8.


take a 5-door escort mk6, lower her on 18" gold split rims with polished rim,

add the delta 4 bumpers and skirts, change the front headlights for the new ford falcon gt's and customise the bonnet to match loosing that oval grill.


flush the tailgate and loose the rear lights completly, replacing with lexus stlye mazda rx7 units, de-badge and de-handle & lock finally re painting in a pearlescent candyapple red flip to undertones of gold, add the current ford falcon ts150 (could be ts50) spoiler to complete the project.....neons perhaps???


:cheers: X( ?(

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mate hate to say but having most of that done soon, full delta 4 bodykit with a delta 5 spoiler, de locked and de handled, smoothed boot, mental delta bonnet vent, afterburner rear lights, morretes front lights bad boy bonnet, all door's opening on solinoid's, thanks to a clifford avantgaurd, and a full respray in candy red, with a full undercar led's


apart from all the amercian rubbish like ford falcon,

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look at the sheen on that! american rubbish? the falcons actually austraaaalian!


lambo doors suck, its been done by everyone wi owt from novas to z3's! lets see someone do the old delorean gullwing doors! only bad thing about the gullwing doors is, your fukkd in a confined space! for those who dont know, heres the current falcon gt model, if thats crap the focus rs is utter shite! :jaw: 8o





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