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some recent pics..


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yeah theirs one on the rear, which i have a crackin photo of that would make a great evo. desktop or phone screen. love that pic, if u look closely u'l see my dash is missing however( out for painting).



yes, I'm wanting to finnish her off with the wrc spoiler and rgm front corner splitters. and a dark smoke tint on the windows. then she will be flogg'd for all she's worth and a move away from ford to a nice 2 litre saab 93 turbo will be welcome. had fords since I was 17 and Iv'e had enuf of the blue oval, sadly they just don't last!!!! 8)

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oh and ...yeah well rememberd mike c, quite right beware the dreaded mot failure that is...the front touring strip!!!! I've lost 5 touring strips thru mot's since I was 17.

..not old or owt! im only 22! just saying if the touring strip comes into contact with the windscreen wiper blades at all, it's an mot failure, so whip the f*kker off the day b4 ay and save ya some agro! viceman out 8)

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