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my lights are shite


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was drving about the other night, and had a car behind me, was in the dark on a country lane, and i couldn't see bugger all,

his head lights were simply better, and the ones on my car are shite,

so im looking for a way to improve the lights, as when driving in wet in the dark thier really bad,

have tried Xenon bulbs, got 55w ones and thier was no difference when alot of people say there is,

am tempted to jam 100w's in, but thier actually illegal and you lights would be too bright all the time,

also have considered getting spot lights, (xr3i xr2i style), but, not sure where you stand with those leagally, and not sure they'd look right,

have seen kits that upgrade standard light systems to full out proper xenon systems, but thier around the £200 mark,

but as i do alot of driving at night to York on country back roads, being able to see is quite important,

any one else got any ideas/comments,



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