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Celica Gt4


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Ive noticed this Car for sale for at least a year, its sitting on a driveway not far from me and it hasnt ever moved an inch, all 4 tyres went flat, the interior from what i saw through the window at night looked pretty nasty


but i reckon the guy will take pennys for it, it did have a 1500 price tag which went moldy and dropped off the inside of the windscreen i reckon 50quid and its yours


could be a worthwhile project im sure parts arent that hard to find and could be turned into a real stunner


ill get pics asap gotta be worth making him an offer if only just for parts

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older version, i think L reg, in red


i think it is pretty poor condition, id strip it down and rebuild it personally the shell looked in ok condition but i bet the lump needs a bit of attention


ill get some pics and phone the number on the for sale sign


i bet the guy falls of his chair when he hears someones interested

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hmmm L reg is 94, thats wen the bug eyed version began production....i might be interested if it is a bug eyed version, cuz if i can get it pretty cheap ill have around 7k to buy it with and wotever is left use to recondition, new seats etc in front, sort out the bodywork and if engine needs a bit of attention its only an excuse to play with it :innocent:


only thing is i wont have cash till maybe april/may :( but ill have to see

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