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been missing the evo chat, am currently exploiting my college's resources. they say i'll be back on by the 3rd but i dont believe them. i havnt been able to use it since thursday so i cxalled and they treied to fix it, the bloke couldnt so he hang up :censored: so i called back then another bloke tried and he said he would get hold of some one and i'll be back on in 24 hours, so a day passes, still not on and calle again. please wait another 24hours :curse: noooo, i call again the nxt day, o sorry they say we are having technical difficulties u will be back on by the third :vangry: hmmmm, i had a go and asked for a refund of some of this months money, and aparntly iv got to wait until im back online and then sort the money out grrrr. TISCALI u are PANTS!
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Tiscali are poo... imo of all the computers i use there connection is the worst theier 128 broadband is only just faster than AOLs dial-up where iam... btw speed freak you are one foxy lady... i had a look on your site, and there are some real nutters on your forum! ;)


Im with Tiscali, and am being upgraded to 1 meg next week, always fine for me. Speed is excellent too, as i regularly do speed checks to ensure im not being done.

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