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ABS bloo*y light....


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After braking quite hard at some traffic lights (not so hard that the ABS kicked in), as I pulled away my ABS light on my dashboard came on and has stayed on since this morning. :censored: :tired:


I spoke to a local garage and they said that maybe brake dust may have got on the sensor, so I have now sparyed the brakes 3 times and the light still stays on. :nutter:


Has anyone else had such a problem? ?(

What else could it be other than brake dust- sensor just gone? ?(


The brakes themselves are absolutley fine, nothing different about them at all. If it makes a difference I have EBC discs and pads. ;)


Cheers for any replies, it's driving me insane!! :vangry: X( :vangry: X(

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yea it may have left a fault in the ecu, wot make any difference to drive it, it just means that the light stays on. go down the road and test the abs when the light is on, if the abs still works then u should be fine! just go sumwhere to get the fault cleared or take the bulb out lol. :roll:
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The morning after I posted this topic, the ABS sensor switched off. :)


I started the engine and the light came on then 2 minutes down the road, it went off, so I was very very happy. :thumb: :thumb:


It's gota be the fact that the sensor was covered in kr*p. :tired:


But thanks for all the replies, been helpful. :cheers:

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