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lowering springs


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fitted new set of sprngs a couple of weeks ago were cheap tbh rdie started nice until i had a few people in the car and every bump seems to make ya feel like ya on a fari round ride :D is this just down to the fact that the springs are cheap?? the compressed end of the spring is facing down toward the wheel knowing me i fitted em upside down lol :D


any ideas on how to make the ride a bit smoother?? mk5 xr3i i had lowered was fine this just feels strange for some weird reason

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40 mm drop :( any suggestions to make the ride more comfortable?


bigger profile tyres... :))


Even if the springs are on correctly it will still be quite bumpy when your driving, not hugely but you will feel it compared to driving it when it had the standard springs on. Carry on driving it for a few days and you will eventually stop noticing it.

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