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Engine Build (progress pics just started)


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Hey all just thought i would post some pics of my engine build, going a bit slow at the moment due to being made unemployed so money is rather scarce. These are some pics of the engine as it stands basically im using a 2litre block out of a mk3gti mated with a 1.8 head which will be ported and polished and a lairy shrick cam and a remap should see me knocking on the door of 165-170bhp in a mk2 golf and N/A aswell.



This is the block as it stands at the mo, picked up off ebay for 180quid guy also threw in loads of other goodies aswell including Mk3 PAS pump, Mk3 alternator and engine mounts, clutch and flywheel and a complete 2litre 8v cylinder head which i wont be using due to using a 1.8 head. This also included a engine stand, its had the piston rings replaced big end bearings have been done aswell so i dont need to touch it. So a bargain if i dont say so myself.




The only thing i am worried about and im not sure if it is something to be worried about is the tops of the pistons.


This is piston No.1













Numbers 1+4 the surfaces are clean and smooth but on 2+3 the surfaces are slightly pitted as shown, is this a problem?

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but the pitting isn't really going to affect the performance, as it's not severe. give then a light clean with some wet and dry new rings, and solve the detination prob..........



if you replace the pistons you have to measure the bores/ run in and i would expect it'd make the slightest differance.


oh for a guide my 250cc gearbox kart has some detination on it i just blend it out and new rings, runs a treat :D

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