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One of THOSE days.....


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have you ever had one of THOSE days...


where everything you do from the moment you get up goes wrong??


so far today ive


1) got up late

2) fell over the end of my bed

3) stubbed my toe getting into the shower

4) burnt myself in the shower as i turned it up too much

5)ripped a pair of my socks putting them on

6)stalled the car the moment i got in

7) almost crashed into some woman that pulled out from a sideroad without looking (major brown trouser moment)

8)had a massive argument with some people at work as they are morons

9) got moaned at for having a argument

10) doing other peoples work as they cant do it properly

11) got moaned at for not doing my work as im doing other peoples work

12) forgot some money so couldnt get anything to eat earlier

13) just borrowed a couple of quid offa my mum and some T*at Fcuking black lads in the canteen thought it was funny to try and walk into me and take the Pee afterwards... wish id had my staff badge on me.. would have taken there student ID's and reported the twats

14) pcs im trying to reimage and set back up keep crashing..



well thats it so far for today.... im half expecting to crash my car on the way home and the insurance company tell me to fcuk off... would round my day off nicely that...

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Had a couple of days like that mate, was nearly in tears yesterday morning for some reason.


Today started off fine, then i got pissed off being sent out to work when there was 2 lads int he staff room doing fcuk all, got moaned out for then not working fast enough, moaned at for helping out others who were rushing around, moaned at for moaning, the got moaned at because i spoke my mind about a member of staff, who came in a kicked off and said if you think im that lazy lets take it out in the car park :baby:


Everyone just seemed to get in my way today aswell... :curse:

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well today aint much better for me...


Gearbox mount has gone... woohoo the expensive engine mount...


oh and to top it off my neighbour died :( poor sod had bowell cancer that spread to his liver and kidneys...... died in hospital last night in the early hours of the morning but he was doped up to his eyeballs and didnt feel a thing apparently :( still a shame as he was a top bloke :(

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