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Help! Bloomin footwell lights!


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Hi all looked at the "footwell lights bulb holder locations" pinned thread in the Cosmetics section, and delved under the dash to find them. And...


On the passenger's side I found the orange and black wires mentioned, but they just disappeared up behind the glovebox with no sign of a bulb holder anywhere. So I cut into them and according to my multimeter neither gives a 12V supply even with the doors open!


On the drivers' side i think I found the wires mentioned but again they just disappeared up with no sign of a bulb holder!


So I went to the Haynes manual and looked at the fusebox to identify the cable that goes to the interior light (i.e. the switchable 20sec delayed earth), which apparently is orange/violet. I found at least 3 orange/violet wires to the fusebox none of which were switched earths!


I mean I could just wire the lights up to the door switches, but it seems a shame. Any ideas?



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As Hezz said,they are there.The passenger one goes right up behind the dash.The bulb holder is covered in a grey sticky foam/sponge. If you can follow the wire up behind the dash,you'll be able to feel the holder.I's just a case of prying it from the form/sponge.


The driver's side is up behind the steering coloum,to the left.Again,covered in foam.



If you've found the passengers side,join two wire's to that for the driver's side.Save's connecting new wire's to the door switch :thumb:

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Thanks for the replies- I will have another dig under the dash. The only thing that puzzles me is that I cut into the orange/black and black wires mentioned and tested them with a multimeter and there was no power. Still, maybe they'll work when I get a bulb in there!
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