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Off The Wall Conversion Idea!


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What is the general consensus on a Honda V-Tec engine conversion on a Mk5 Escort? :huh:


:D Just another of my random ideas, but as the v-tec engine is good for reving to 8500 rpm ( and i luv to rev!) thought it might be worth a little researching in to! 8)

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but if you do something that radical it'll always stand out and be talked about !


Very true! But the bank manager wont be too happy! and i gota keep him sweet! :D


Id love to do the conversion, depending how difficult it would be to do. Ya can pik up vtec engines for reasonable prices but its making everything fit that will be the most costly! il have a chat with some garages and see how diff they think it would be. 8)

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there must be a fabricator on here ?? or if not a company that would give you a big discount/ no labour charge if you get you can in a mag and use they as your sponsor and advertise them ?


Well that sounds like a good idea! wonder if any1 would like the publicity? ( hint hint ) :D 8)

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