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bargin gti for sale


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well i was on my way back from work this morning hand had probs getin 5th then i coudnt get 5th at this is were it all goes wrong then gets to warick service and it starts over heat so stoped to have a look toped water back up then it whoudnt start so got it bump start of i went again got on to the a 46 herd a nasty nosie from the engine and then it just gave in all togeter oil and water all over the road iv all ready spent about 500 pounds on this car new tyre exhust had all the bad bit repaired but im not prapared to spend any more cash so want as mush as i can get for her now
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october tax and mot new back box 5 new tyres new heater some new pics of it took today









25092006086.jpgall the tyre are like this offers around £600 take no lower than £500 im way from 5.pm tonight back friday night tel 07708191609 plus it has a cat1 alarm and still got all the paper work im the 3 rd owner on the log book the alarm will need wiring back up as some one has disconected it dont y as it was done when i got the car needs a engine and gear box gear box lost five gear and engine just stopped on mortorway still turns over and fire but dont start and it definatly needs tailering away and a engine

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