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My entire company keep getting these emails about Stock. No know matter what i do to stop them they alway get through. Disturbingly tho, these compannies do exist and they contain quite knowledgably facts about that company.




It also contains a poem at the bottom in white text.


That you let us avoid the wrath of our employer. As Your Highness shrewdly said, I am a viper.

His leap fell short of her by twenty feet. Suddenly,then, the torch was snatched out of the womans hand and switchedoff.

That was stark bluff, and the Rajah suspected it was.

Chullunder Ghose, however, tried the doorknob.

In spite of all hiswealth he did not even own a carriage.

Let me have a little money formy victuals. It was a warning to thecrowd to disperse.

However, there is no fool like an old one.

And the worst is, they will say theBritish have a hand in it.

Then herobs both the loser and winner and says: Behold me, what aparagon I am!

If you couldnt see a joke, youd be a damned keen killer onyour own hook, Ill bet!

On the segment of the brokengallery that solemn audience sat still like vultures that awaitdeath. He was as irritable now as he was normally serene. Then hestared at two men dressed in yellow smocks, their hair, a mess ofyellow clay.

There had been a balustrade round the gallery, butthat had fallen.

I am only the one personwho can save you from enforced abdication!

You could go to the Residency and report to MajorSmith. You, as theattorney for the priesthood, are afraid to appeal to the British. But if its all I canget I will have to accept it. They may kill emselves for all of me, said Hawkes.

Pride has its very peculiar way with individuals, no two reactingquite alike.

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