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well it was a fiesta


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update a week afterwards!!!! the cars dead :( but the bus company has admited liabilty so its all good :blush:

















well last night friday i picked my mate up from ipswitch and was heading home with him in the front and his sis in the back come down a country lane to find a bus on my side of the road with no chance of stoping with out slidding and sticking it in to the front of the bus i put the car far over as i could......


where i caught this bit of mud alll i can memba from this point on wards is trying to stop the car spinning as it was the first rain in a long time 8o i caught this with my front end


and then ended up with my back end in the bushes like so



this is a overall shot of the hole scene


to be fair i think some one was looking over us ... the air bags didnt go off :eek: :eek: the officer who was absolutly great said he cant see anything to proscute from and it been a battle btwn the insurance companies the bus driver didint speak english now u ready for the bit that scared me ... its a 60mph zone!!! i was doing 30-25 cause of the conditions and the bus was doing more... the bus driver is apparently known for driving on the wrong side of the road :curse: as we got peoples witness accounts!!! any 1 think they will repair it?????

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do agree it was the car but theres was steam and smoke pooring out of the engine bay so i was making every 1 get out but his the bad bit THE REAR BENCH SEAT SNAPPED!!!! AND THE PASSAGNER LOCKING MECHANSIM ON THE SEAT SNAPPED she was trapped in the bk and i was trapped in the bushes!!!! the bus drive stoped then drove offf once i got his details didnt wait 4 the old bill!
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Its going to need at least 2 headlights, a bonnet, both grills, bumper, foglights, radiater, power steering rack cooler if it has one, complete front panel and then jiggin as the drivers side leg is going to be squashed/kinked by the looks of it, 50/50 being a 53 reg it aint that old...


Everyone makes the same mistake, once you hit the Shite at the side of the road you will spin if you don't hold it or end up in the bushes, been there once where i moved over so much from the T*at speeding towards me that i couldnt go no more, i was doing around 50mph and we ended up echanging wingmirrors, i stopped and he didnt..


If thats a telegraph pole you hit and its in use expect a bill through the door in a months time, my mate took out a 40 sign and security fence, didnt tell him at the scene and 3 weeks later he got a bit for 941.00 for the 40 sign and post ( obliterated it beyond any re usability ) still waiting for the bill for the fence...

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