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Bt Voyager 1055 Wireless usb Adapter


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I bought this to enable me to get rid of the cable running up my stairs. I missed only one point I actually still need a socket upstairs for the fax machine :nutter: no point in keeping this if there has to be a cable run anyway so may aswell sell it on.



BT Voyager 1055 Wireless USB Adapter with Turbo.

• Works with both PCs and laptops - plugs into spare USB port.

• High speed 802.11g - BT enhanced 11g up to 30% faster.

• High speed USB 2 support.

• Compatible with USB 1.

• Compatible with Windows 2000 and XP.


This costs £24.95 from Argos, brand new in box never used. box is a little rough.

£15 collected or £20 posted please.

Connect your computers to your wireless network from any room in your house. Enables your computer with 802.11g wireless so you can connect to a wireless network or base station and browse the broadband Internet without wires. BT's Turbo 11g technology provides file transfer between computers 30% faster than standard 802.11g.

Move your computer to where it's most convenient. Place your PC anywhere in your home, and do not be restricted to where the ADSL socket is.

• Plug & play installation on your computer's USB port. Supports USB2 for high speed

• Windows 2000 and XP compatible. WHQL certified. Attention: Not compatible with Win98 and Me

• 802.11g compliant. Also compatible with 802.11b

• Turbo 11g: Normal operating speeds 30% faster than standard 802.11g 54 Mbit/s

• Unlike some competitors, BT's Turbo 11g only uses a single radio channel (minimise interference) and does not rely on compression (all type of data benefit from higher speeds)

• Also compatible with legacy USB 1 computers (at slower speeds up to 12 Mbit/s)

• Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) up to 128 bit

• WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) wireless security

• Range up to 50m indoors and 250m outdoors (in ideal conditions)

• Please note: This adapter is not compatible with Apple Macs


You must have a wireless internet to allow this to work

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