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Drivers Side Lower than the Passenger Side?


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Drivers side:




Passenger Side:




been this like since i lowered it but its more obvious since i fitted the 16s yesterday for some reason, maybe its the 40 profiles.


Yes the car was parked on a flat patio surface, infact i parked it on various flat surfaces in various places and its still the same, the spring is seated properly, both shocks appear to be the same make and the same age, i was thinking of cutting a coil off the spring..


Its lowered 40mm with springs on standard shocks...

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Springs were second hand and original and not cut and they are both the same way up, because at the bottom on both sides theres 3 coils all sandwiched together how they were when i bought them, im getting gas shocks and springs soon as its far too bouncy anyway...


Yeah i used bumper paint on the cantre caps looked awesome once all cleaned up and all the white goo removed off the sidewalls and then used meguiars tyre shine which is like a clear gel which sprays on and wipes off :drunk:

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