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New Rims


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Next on the list...


Gloss Black Morettes (on the way)

Black GTi Honeycombe Grills (on the way)

Windows Tinted ( 2 weeks time )

Paint Calipers/Rear Drums black ( as soon as i be bothered to get some paint)

Clean all 4 wheel arches ( on a nice day when i can be asked and do this every 3 months to prevent rust)

2 New Lower Arms ( next payday )

Tracking ( next payday )


Then its going to my mates bodyshop for :


Bonnet Respray

Front Bumper Respray

Rear Bumper Respray

Side Strips Colour Coded

Boot Lock Trim Colour Coded

Door Locks Colour Coded

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I think it looks better anyhow, when the tyres were put on i looked at them in the garage and even the tyre bloke said i dont think they are gonna look all that mate and i agreed, but once id removed 40 greasy fingerprints off them and all the goo and Shite off the sidewalls they look alright...
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